Mainstreaming gender in key
e-commerce policy areas


This study examines opportunities that ecommerce growth can bring to support women economic and social empowerment in Africa. E-commerce potential to promote trade, integration and development in Africa, is increasingly getting recognised. African Governments have been active in developing strategies and policies to harness this potential. At the same time, challenges faced by women entrepreneurs are multi-layered and formidable. Read more…

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Cultiver Launches ENGAGE!, a Platform to Bridge the Gap Between Large Mining, Renewables Projects and Local Communities

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of ENGAGE!, a first-of-its-kind purpose-built community engagement platform designed to foster authentic inclusivity and minimise social risks in large-scale renewables, mining, and other infrastructure projects.
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ASEZ Partners with Cultiver Group to empower youth

The Atlantis Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) is collaborating with Cultiver Group on an initiative aimed at empowering marginalised youth through renewable energy education and prospective employment opportunities. Read more here
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Creating employable youth for renewable energy sector

Cape Town – A group of formerly disadvantaged young South Africans are now better prepared for employment in the local renewable energy sector thanks to a two-week training programme. Read more here…
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Ethiopia Country Report – Energy and Economic Growth Research Programme

CEO, Fezeka Stuurman, has a made a valuable contribution to the Ethiopia Country Report as part of the Energy and Economic Growth Research Programme. 
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South Africa’s contested transition to energy democracy.

CEO, Fezeka Stuurman, has contributed to this report, and raises a crucial question: how much of the reported 3% spend was allocated to Black women-owned businesses (BWOBS)? 
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SA Renewable Energy Industry – What is its Socio-economic Question Zero?

The importance of doing work that makes a tangible difference to the socio-economic framework in the communities that you serve: What is your Question Zero?
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