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Cultiver ideates and executes catalytic projects centred and partners with selective Strategic Stakeholders (Clients, Communities, Government, Academia) to deliver on these projects.

Values aligned partnerships are important in advancing the broader sustainable development agenda & Cultiver recognizes this by forming mutually beneficial collaborations with various stakeholders in an effort to drive our vision of an economically & socially inclusive energy transition

Some of our Projects and Partners


What is Engage?

ENGAGE!, a first of its kind in Africa , is a free community engagement platform for large infrastructure and mining project host communities. It includes a toll-free number that community members in areas of major African mining, renewables and other projects can call to raise project-related concerns, challenges, complaints and to ask questions.

A proactive communication channel, ENGAGE is a safe, unbiased, transparent and inclusive channel that keeps a finger on the pulse of local communities. The hotline prevents project delays, social conflicts and community unrest by providing project owners with reliable, evidence-based insights to enable the development of proactive solutions to community needs and issues.

Engage brochure

What is BRECCs?

Established in August 2022, the Building Renewable Energy Conscious Communities (BRECCs) Programme empowers marginalised communities and young people on the just energy transition. The programme encourages disenfranchised communities to actively engage with energy policy and renewable energy in South Africa, while empowering unemployed young people through training, exposure and short-term employment opportunities in renewable energy.

BRECCs brochure

What our learners have to say

Lunga Dungulu


"We as individuals must change our consumption habits and spread the word by encouraging our friends and family to reduce their carbon pollution.”

Simone Louw


“This programme gave me an opportunity to believe in myself again and my dreams. I am inspired to reach for my dreams. This was a life-changing programme.”

Dylan Roos

Mamre Cape Town

"Yesterday’s lesson opened my eyes to what is happening."

Thulwana Lemina

Atlantis Cape Town

"I have learned that renewable energy is energy derived from natural resources like sun, wind, water. I have also learnt that renewable energy is an important part of the solution and it has many benefits.'

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